Monday, November 23, 2020

Alphabets: The New Yorker Advertisements

1985 advertisements by the Lord, Geller, Federico, Einstein agency
New York Magazine, June 8, 1987
… Dissatisfied with the work of its advertising agency, Ted Bates, the 

magazine has gone back to its old agency, Lord, Geller, Federico, Einstein. 
It, in turn, is bringing back the old advertising line “The New Yorker, yes, 
The New Yorker.” …

1993 advertisement with new fonts in the style of The New Yorker alphabet

Lewis Allen’s wood-cut alphabet for his book, Journeys To Bagdad (1915), 
was the source for Rea Irvin’s 1925 alphabet for The New Yorker magazine.

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Monday, November 16, 2020

The Origin of a Species: Eustace Tilley

Life, July 8, 1915

The New Yorker, February 21, 1925
cover art by Rea Irvin who also contributed to Life

Further Reading and Viewing
Alfred d’Orsay, the model for Eustace Tilley

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