Monday, March 16, 2015

Anatomy of a Logo: The New Guardians

On Wednesday, February 24, 1988, I met with DC design director Richard Bruning to discuss a number of logos including The New Guardians. I returned to my studio and sketched out a few designs.

I settled on two designs and developed them further.

These designs were modified by condensing them.

I met with Richard on Wednesday, March 2. He preferred the logo on an arc and replaced the diamonds with a crossbar. He wanted minor changes to the S and no telescoping. This version had been condensed fifteen percent.

March 3

On Friday, March 4, I faxed a tight rendering of the logo to Richard and he approved it. Over the weekend, I completed the finished art on vellum tracing paper. I used a variety of templates and french curves. The letterspacing was adjusted by cutting apart a few of the letters. Touchups were done with acrylic white paint. On Monday, March 7, I delivered the finished logo to Andy Helfer.

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