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Comics: Ira Schnapp, Class of June 1913

Comic book lettering artist, Ira Schnapp, graduated from New York City’s Stuyvesant High School in June 1913. His birth name, Israel Schnapp, was found in the Department of Education, The City of New York, Fifteenth Annual Report of the City Superintendent of Schools for the Year Ending July 31, 1913. In the section, “College Entrance Diplomas”, the top two-hundred students of each county were listed. 

Beginning on page 92 was the list for the “College Entrance Diplomas, New York County, 1913”. New York County includes the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx.

On page 94, Ira came in at number 146 with a 75.5 score; his home address, 86 Ludlow Street, and school, Stuyvesant, were included. Ira’s family was recorded at the same address in the 1910 U.S. Federal Census.

A copy of Stuyvesant’s 1913 yearbook, The Indicator, was not been found. Below are selected pages from the 1912 yearbook which had photographs of the classes of June 1912 and February 1913.

Border and lettering by Robert Z. Hurwitz

One notable person on the Board of Editors was Lewis Mumford.
His obituary appeared in The New York Times, January 28, 1990.

Ira may have taken classes in mechanical and free hand drawing.

Illustration by Gus Rohde who provided much of the artwork.

Illustration by Austin M. Van Riper, yearbook editor-in-chief.

Ira may have contributed art to the school publication.

Ira may have been a member of the Sketch Club.

Writings by Lewis C. Mumford.

The Class of June 1912

The Class of February 1913

 Japanese student, Haru Hata

Photograph of student artist, Gustav Rohde

Mumford was an active student.

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Under Cover: Standard Oil Bulletin Artists, Part 1

January 24, 1875, Fresno, California – November 11, 1946, Tucson, Arizona

The Art of Maynard Dixon
Donald J. Hagerty
Gibbs Smith, 2010

Donald J. Hagerty, Maynard Dixon
Gibbs Smith, 2010

May 19, 1893 – June 3, 1982

Taos and Santa Fe Painters

The New York Times
June 6, 1982
Harold von Schmidt, Painter and Illustrator, Is Dead at 86

December 16, 1901, Germany – January 19, 1970, Sebastopol, California 

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