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Comics: Jane Krom Grammer, Golden Age Artist

For an introduction please read Carol L. Tilley’s profile of Jane Krom Grammer who drew the Dotty stories in Supersnipe Comics.

New York, New York, Birth Index
Name: Katherine J Krom
Birth Date: June 14, 1920
Birth Place: Manhattan, New York City, New York

New York Sun, July 22, 1924

New York Sun, August 26, 1924

1930 United States Federal Census
1500 Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida
Name / Age
Charles S Krom, 45
Katherine B Krom, 42
Jane Krom, 9

New York Sun, August 30, 1930

Florida Passenger List
The Krom family departed aboard the steamship Mohawk from Havana, Cuba on April 6, 1931. They arrived in Miami, Florida the following day.

New York Sun, January 9, 1932

New York Sun, August 8, 1936

1936 Madeira School Year Book
McLean, Virginia
Katharine Jane Krom [Sophomore]

1937 Madeira School Year Book
McLean, Virginia
Katharine Jane Krom [Junior]

Buffalo Evening News, January 10, 1938

New York Sun, July 9, 1938

New York Sun, December 24, 1938

New York Sun, December 30, 1939

New York Sun, August 31, 1940

1940 United States Federal Census
1500 Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida
Name / Age
Charles S Krom, 55
Katherine B Krom, 52

Brooklyn Eagle, December 24, 1940

New York Sun, August 15, 1941

New York Sun, October 18, 1941

Rochester Times-Union, December 27, 1941

Buffalo Courier-Express, December 28, 1941

Forty-two: Ten Years Out
Princeton University, Class of 1942
Allen Halstead Grammer, 333 Hillside Avenue, Livingston, New Jersey Assistant to Managing Editor, Controlled Circulation Audit, Inc., 420 Lexington Ave., New York City. Married Katharine Jane Krom November 13, 1943. Children: Allen K. 4, Barrett 2. Al was a Lieutenant (J.G.) in the Coast Guard after serving 3 years.

New York Sun, September 14, 1943

The New York Times, September 14, 1943

New York Sun, September 22, 1943

Asbury Park Press, November 6, 1943

Philadelphia Inquirer, November 9, 1943

New York, New York, Marriage License Index
Marriage License Date: November 12, 1943
Marriage License Place: Manhattan, New York City, New York

Army and Navy Journal
November 20, 1943
GRAMMER-KROM— Married on New York, 13 Nov. 1943. Miss Katharine Jane Krom, to Ens. Allen Halstead Grammer, USCGR.

Carol L. Tilley wrote: “There are ten Dotty stories in Supersnipe Comics beginning with June 1945 and ending in February 1947. Of these ten stories, pay vouchers for Jane Krom’s work exist for at least seven of them (August 1945, October 1945, November/December 1945, March/April 1946, July/August 1946, November 1946, and a 7th one for which I’m still uncertain of the issue date). Jane’s daughter Barrie has copies of the May/June 1946, December 1946, and April/May 1947—among some of the others—leading me to believe that Jane did the art for those stories as well, even though I have not yet found pay vouchers to confirm it. …”

Coast Advertiser (Belmar, NJ), October 18, 1962

Kingston Daily Freeman (NY), July 27, 1964

The Daily Record (Long Branch, NJ), November 2, 1965
Creative Pastimes
Delightful Things in Store at Rumsfield Antiques Show
Jane K Grammer Delft plaque of Rembrandt. Little Silver, jewelry making;

Asbury Park Press, August 29, 1971

Daily Register (Red Bank, NJ), August 30, 1971

Asbury Park Press, June 3, 1976
Ocean Township—New officers have been elected by members of Jersey Coast Speakers Club. They are Ms. Lynne Warrick, Oceanport, president; Bob Konderock, Monmouth Beach, lieutenant governor; Joe Odence, Long Branch, … and Mrs. J. Allen Mohn, Ocean Township, and Mrs. Harold P. Rubin, Interlaken, vice presidents; Mrs. Jane K. Grammer, Shrewsbury, and Mrs. Audrey W. Wilson, Sea Bright, secretaries; and Mr. and Mrs. James Rowland, here, treasurers.

NJ Audubon, 1981

Sunday Register (Red Bank, NJ), December 27, 1981

Asbury Park Press, March 5, 1986

Asbury Park Press, July 8, 2004 
photograph of Jane and her work

Madeira School 2007-2008 Annual Report

Find a Grave
Jane K. Grammer
Jane K. Grammer

Ethnicity of Celebs | What Nationality Ancestry Race
Andy Grammer
Andy’s paternal grandmother was Katharine Jane Krom (the daughter of Charles Sahler Krom and Katharine Banks).

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