Monday, February 11, 2019

Comics: Negro Heroes

Opportunity, Spring 1947
Cover photograph by Arnold Eagle

page 103

Negro Heroes #1
Negro Heroes #2, Summer 1948 (incomplete copy; one story)

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Opportunity, Summer 1947
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Monday, February 4, 2019

Comics: Marvel 100 Club

Above: San Diego Comic Con ’74 Progress Report 2

Page 10: Marvel 100 Club
Marvel Comics Group
Those of you who read the Bullpen Bonus Page in the July Marvel comics will recall that the San Diego Comic Con is offering a special discount to those with completed Marvel stamp books (all 100 stamps). Here it is! All those with completed books are to present their books at the con’s registration desk and have them stamped. They will then receive a pass to a private MARVEL 100 CLUB party! If you’re in on the party, you’ll meet Roy Thomas and the Marvel gang, and have your photo taken with them to appear in FOOM magazine! There’ll be a drawing at the party; prizes will be original autographed Roy Thomas comic book scripts plus other goodies brought by Roy from Marvel headquarters in New York. It’ll be a party to remember, so complete those books! As a special bonus, those with completed books will receive a special #1.00 discount on their own membership (yes, it’ll be refunded if you’re pre-registered!!)

Page 11: Schedule

Sunday, August 4, 1 PM: Marvel 100 Club Party

 Below, one of the prizes: Six-page Giant-Size Conan #3 synopsis signed by Roy Thomas.


Another prize was a page of Black Widow original art, from Amazing Adventures,  by Gene Colan and Bill Everett.

Photographs of the comic con and club event are at Comic-Convention Memories here, here, here and here. Alex Jay (wearing glasses and white shirt with a circular stripe around the collar) appears in photographs M003, M004, M005, M006, M007, M008, M009, M010, M011, M012, M013, M035 (partially), M101 (partially), M104, and M106.

Photograph M009 was printed in FOOM #8, December 1974.


The 1975 Mighty Marvel Comic Convention program book published photographs M011 (top) and M101 (bottom left). 

Information about the Marvel Value Stamps is here.

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