Monday, October 27, 2014

Street Scene: and! and handy

signs photographed in Hong Kong.

Advertisement seen on an N line train, New York City
Good example of an ambigram.
Also see AmbigramsScott Kim and John Langdon.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Lettering: Psychedelic Poster Postcards

Postcard versions of the posters

Jim Blashfield

Rick Griffin (right)

Wes Wilson

Wes Wilson

Wes Wilson

Wes Wilson

B. MacLean

B. MacLean (right)

R. Tuten (Left)

Lee Conklin

Lee Conklin

Lee Conklin (left), R. Tuten (right)

D. Broad & Randy (left), Nicholas Kouninos (right)

Irons (left), Lee Conklin (right)

Stanley Mouse (left), Irons (right)

B. MacLean (right)

David Singer (left), Patrick Lofthouse (right)

Lee Conklin (bottom)

On the left is a ticket
R. Tuten (left)

Life, September 1, 1967
photographs of Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin,
Wes Wilson, Stanley Mouse and Peter Max

Psychedelic Solution
Business Card

Monday, October 13, 2014

Comics: Letterers Lineup

New York Comic Con
October 10, 2014
Artist Alley

 Left to right: Clem RobinsGaspar SaladinoTodd Klein,

Left to right: Alex Jay, Chris Eliopoulos, Clem Robins, Gaspar Saladino,
Todd Klein, Dave Marshall, Janice Chiang and Tom Orzechowski

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Typography: Hong Kong

August 1979

October 1979

December 1979

December 1979

Left page is missing; January 1980

February 1980

March 1980

June 1980

July 1980

October 1980

November 1980

December 1980

January 1981

May 1981

November 1981

February 1982

May 1981

June 1982

November 1982

May 1993

October 1994

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