Monday, June 30, 2014

Lettering: Ault and Wiborg, 1907–1908

The Inland Printer, February 1907

The Inland Printer, March 1907

The Inland Printer, April 1907

The Inland Printer, May 1907

The American Printer, June 1907

The Inland Printer, July 1907

The Inland Printer, August 1907

The Printing Art, September 1907

The Inland Printer, November 1907

The Inland Printer, December 1907

The Inland Printer, January 1908

The Inland Printer, February 1908

The Inland Printer, March 1908

The Inland Printer, April 1908

The Inland Printer, May 1908

The Inland Printer, June 1908

The Inland Printer, August 1908

The Inland Printer, September 1908

The Printing Art, September 1908

The Printing Art, October 1908

The Inland Printer, December 1908

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Typography: Chinese Oreo Cookies, Part 3


Maxwell House Coffee

White Chocolate

Mint Chocolate

(a dozen foil-wrapped cookies)

Aeon Supermarket in the basement
of Wangfujing in Guangzhou, China

Chinese Oreo Cookies, Part 1
Chinese Oreo Cookies, Part 2
Chinese Oreo Cookies, Part 4

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Comics: Phoenix Con 1970 and 1972

Phoenix Con
November 27–29, 1970
Advertisement in RBCC 75

Phoenix Con 1970 article in unidentified newspaper
reprinted in RBCC 77

The Collector #22, February 1971

Phoenix Con
June 16–18, 1972
Direct mail postmarked May 8, 1972

Advertisement in RBCC 90

Phoenix Con ’72 Program Booklet

All photographs by Alex Jay

C.C. Beck with his Phoenix Con award

C.C. Beck and Captain Tootsie with his prize,
a Beck original drawing of Captain Marvel

Most of the costume ball participants, from left to right: 
Captain Tootsie (2nd prize best costume), C.C. Beck in front of Superman, 
Captain Marvel Junior, Doctor Strange (1st prize best costume), 
Summer Hamilton as Minnie Mouse in front of her father, Bruce as Ibis, 
and Don Newton as Captain Marvel.

Cheers! Robin, Superman, Captain Marvel Jr. and Captain Marvel.

Beck and Newton

Summer Hamilton

Doctor Strange with his prize,
a Don Newton Batman illustration

Don Newton painting of Captain Marvel

The Arizona Republic
June 15, 1972

Tucson Daily Citizen
June 16, 1972

RBCC #95

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