Monday, April 13, 2015

Under Cover: Asians and Pacific Islanders and the Civil War

April 12, 1861 marked the beginning of the American Civil War. A Civil War timeline is at the National Park Service, which published a new book, Asians and Pacific Islanders and the Civil War. The book is part of a series about some of the lesser known Civil War participants. Asians and Pacific Islanders were in the Union and Confederate armies and navies. I contributed a small number of historical newspaper articles and photographs to the book, which was designed by Graphic Works, Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit my blog, The Blue, the Gray and the Chinese for more information about Asians and Pacific Islanders and the Civil War; there are links to sites for purchasing the book.

Further Reading
Asians and Pacific Islanders in the Civil War
March 2015
PDF of Asians and Pacific Islanders with information about each one

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