Monday, October 24, 2016

Alphabets: A Human Alphabet

Strand Magazine
January 1898

The Three Delevines: Harry, Percy and Sam Delevine

Dobbs Ferry Register
(New York)
February 18, 1898
Human Alphabet

Roy Busby
Paul Elek Incorporated, 1976 
The Three Delevines, acrobatic brothers act. Born in Yorkshire, Harry, Percy and Dennis Delevine made their first appearance in London at the Alhambra in 1887 and became a popular act in Europe and America during tours of 1889 and 1890. During the early 1900s they combined their act with ‘The Two Sisters Winterton’ and as ‘The Five Delevines’ presented ‘Flirtations’, an acrobatic dancing and musical act. 

Ottumwa Tri-Weekly Courier
March 30, 1912
Felix and Fink comic strip

Bisbee Daily Review
April 9, 1912
Felix—The Great Human Alphabet 

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