Monday, July 22, 2019

Anatomy of a Logo: Pin-Up Collector’s Series

The Pin-Up Collector’s Series logo was created for late Greg Theakston starting in 
late-June 1993. The three sketches below were done on the back of eight-and-a-half 
by eleven sheets of reference material from old projects.

The following two sheets have tight marker or technical pen renderings of the 
designs on vellum.

Theakston chose this design. Work on the final art began November 30. I used several ellipse templates on 
the letter P but stopped and decided to enlarge the rough to make it easier to draw.

Below is the enlarged design with guide lines. The next sheet, on vellum, shows changes to the P and the 
dot over the I.

Below is the logo rendered in outline with notations on which ellipse was used. Changes were made to the 
bottoms of the upper- and lowercase Ps and N. The U was modified and the hook extended. 

Here is how the ribbon lettering evolved. The swash was eliminated.

The vellum sheets were positioned on a lightbox then a piece of LetraMax 400 was placed over the vellum 
and the inking began. A photostat was made of the ribbon lettering. I decided to changed the spacing 
between some of the letters so seven of the photostat letters were cut out and pasted over the inked letters. 
An ornament replaced the swash of the C.

Apparently the logo was never used. 

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