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Creator: Elaine Hussey

Mary Elaine Hussey
March or May 1874, New York – May 29, 1957, Kahangi, Uganda

“…Scant information exists on Hussey and no examples of her work are known. She was a member and participant in the first exhibition in 1898 of the Chicago Arts and Crafts Society…The catalogue for the inaugural exhibition of the National Arts Club in New York City states that Hussey contributed a cast and chased silver belt buckle and cast and chased silver garter clasps with and without jewels….”

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1880 U.S. Federal Census
June 5, 1880
Hussey was the oldest of two children born to William and Persis. 
They resided in Hollidaysburgh, Pennsylvania at 81 Walnut Street.

Hussey was a student at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Daily Inter Ocean
May 19, 1895

June 1895
Original Design for Calendar, by Elaine Hussey.

Daily Inter Ocean
June 20, 1896
“Graduates in Art”

The Art Institute of Chicago

The House Beautiful
May 1899
Second Exhibition of the Arts and Crafts Society of Boston

“...Some designs in metal work by Miss Elaine Hussey
were strong and beautiful in color.”

1900 U.S. Federal Census
The Hussey household was counted twice. On June 4 they resided in Center Township in Indianapolis, Indiana, at 30 West Drive. Hussey’s birth was recorded as March 1874. The following day their address was 205 North New Jersey, and Hussey’s birth was May 1874. In the census category of “Occupation, Trade or Profession”, it was blank for Hussey.

Hussey put aside the arts and crafts when she married Alfred Stead in 1901.

The Cincinnati Post
February 15, 1901
“Will Soon Wed Alfred Stead”

The Evening World
February 15, 1901
“W.T. Stead’s Son to Wed Hoosier Girl”

The Courier and Press
February 17, 1901
“W.T. Stead’s Son Will Marry Beautiful Indiana Girl”

New York Press
February 18, 1901
“Young Stead Is Here to Wed”

New York Herald
February 18, 1901
“Alfred Stead and Miss Hussey Here”

The St. Louis Republic
February 24, 1901
“Shah of Persia Was Responsible for This Anglo-American Alliance”

The Deseret News
March 2, 1901
“The Beautiful American”

The Evening World
March 13, 1901
“Son of W.T. Stead Weds ‘The Beautiful American.’ ”

March 13, 1901
“Hussey–Stead Nuptials”

March 30, 1901
“...Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stead will sail to-day from
San Francisco on the Gaelic for Honolulu.”

July 8, 1903
“Spoon Made by King Peter”

Brooklyn Daily Eagle
August 18, 1903
Prison Reform
column 2, paragraph 5

October 4, 1903
“…Augustus Koopman, the artist, whose portrait of Mrs. Alfred Stead
(Elaine Hussey of Indianapolis) has just been completed….”

New York Press
November 8, 1903
“International Club for Literary Women Organized in London”

November 22, 1903
“Literary Women of London Are Planning to Organize
an International Club with Backing of Many Millions”

The Critic
February 1905
The Lyceum Club of London

Academy Notes
April 1907
“The Portrait of Mrs. Alfred Stead”
by Augustus B. Koopman

August 1907
“The Expatriates”
The American Colony in London

New York Passenger List
Mary E. Hussey sailed on the steamship Cedric from Liverpool,
England. She arrived in the port of New York October 5, 1907.

November 9, 1909
Mrs. Alfred Stead, Chelsea Court, Chelsea Embankment, London, Eng….

Hussey’s mother passed away December 1, 1910.

1911 England Census
Hussey’s name was recorded as Mary Elaine Kittredge Stead.

July 6, 1911
“Mrs. Alfred Stead of London, England, arrived Tuesday, and is the
guest of her father, William P. Hussey, 1768 Bellefontaine street.”

July 16, 1911
“Mrs. Alfred Stead of London is the guest
of Mrs. F. R. Hussey, 4709 Beacon street.”

The New York Times
September 20, 1911
Aboard the Lusitania bound for Liverpool

The Titanic Sank
April 15, 1912
Hussey’s father-in-law, W.T. Stead, went down with the ship.

July 5, 1915
“Son of W.T. Stead Assassin’s Victim”
Stead survived.

Feilding Star
September 13, 1915
“Attempt to Kill Mr Alfred Stead”

Hussey’s father passed away December 6, 1919.

January 18, 1930
“Hold Funeral on Monday for Frank R. Hussey”
“...Mr. Hussey died early yesterday of a heart attack...
[brother of] Mrs. Alfred Stead of London...”

Hussey’s former husband passed away September 13, 1933.
Born in Darlington 1877 to William Thomas Stead and Emma Lucy Wilson;
married Mary Elaine Hussey and had 3 children; married Mary Elaine Bowles 
and had 2 children; passed away in Dresden, Germany.

September 20, 1933
“Mr. Alfred Stead Dies”

Maiden Tribute
Grace Eckley
Xlibris Corporation, 2007
“...Alfred Stead, a brilliant polyglot, ever inventive and colorful, characteristically fond of uniforms and medals, served in World War I. He married Mary Elaine Hussey, a wealthy socialite of Indiana, who is remembered in Uganda today as the Countess. Alfred Stead finished the war a colonel and was awarded the CMG in 1919. Who’s Who credits him with earning several additional medals, which were in the possession of his grandson Anthony R. Stead for some time. Alfred was taken ill while traveling and died in a hospital in Dresden in 1933. Honoring Alfred’s preference, the Countess sent his ashes to England....”

Who’s Who of 1930 incorrectly gives Mary Elaine Stead’s maiden name as Kittredge Bowles...”

Indianapolis Public Library
Some of Stead’s letters mention Hussey

Hussy’s brother, Bryant, passed away in 1934.

Mary Elaine married Alfred William Stead and had 3 children.
She passed away May 29, 1957 in Kahangi Fort Portal, Uganda.

Kahangi Estate

“Kahangi Estate is situated in the foot hills of the Ruwenzori Mountain range in Western Uganda near the District town of Fort Portal….After the Wall Street crash of 1929 and the subsequent collapse of coffee prices the Estate changed hands and became the property of Countess Stead, daughter-in-law to the notable British journalist, and peace activist W.T Stead.”

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