Monday, January 27, 2014

Lettering: Marvel Super Heroes

Neal Adams’ Continuity Associates produced artwork for Colorforms. In 1983 a “Marvel Super-Heroes Adventure Set” was being prepared. Neal told me that the client wanted bold, sans serif lettering. Originally, there was a hyphen between “Super” and “Heroes”, and “Adventure Set” would have been used below Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain American. Photostats were made of the artwork and lettering, and delivered to Colorforms. I don’t know who did the production for the play set box and booklet. The hyphen was removed, and “Adventure Set” was replaced with “Colorforms Play Set” which was set in type.

Original art scanned and stitched together

Original art

On January 19, Heritage Auctions sold the mechanicals, with a color guide, and proofs, with corrections and changes, for the play set box and booklet.

Logo and heads for box top side panels

Proof with corrections and changes

Detail of printed box top; the box top dimensions are 8 inches wide, 11.375 inches long and 1 inch deep or 20.3 centimeters wide, 28.9 centimeters long, and 2.5 centimeters deep.

Booklet mechanical with color specifications


A look at “The New Superadventure Colorforms Set”, featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, is here.

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