Monday, July 23, 2018

Anatomy of a Logo: Toy Boy

In 1979 Neal Adams’ New Heroes Portfolio featured six characters, Toy Boy, Crazy Man, Titan, Ms. Mystic, Shaman, and King Tut. Neal also drew the logos. 

A few months later Neal planned to launch a number projects. He asked me to produce the Toy Boy logo. Below is my rough sketch, dated October 6, 1979, of the logo with Toy Boy. The basic design was approved.

Below is sketch of the logo as stenciled letters. Underneath that is a tight pencil drawing of the logo.

The finished lettering was done with ink on vellum and touched up with white paint. It may have been completed the same day or the day after. Photostats were made of the finished art and filed away at Continuity Associates.

The logo became one word when the comic book was published in 1986. Someone at Continuity Associates connected the two words and added the boy’s name, Jason Kriter. The series ran for seven issues.

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