Monday, March 2, 2020

Lettering: Barry Windsor-Smith, Artist

The Byrds
Columbia Records, 1973

Barry Smith’s Tupenny Conan
Middle Earth, 1974


Shelf Stuff
Gorblimey Press, 1975
Title lettering designed by Smith
Finished art by Linda Lessman
Back cover Barry Smith logo by Michael Doret (door et)

The Gorblimey Press Catalogue 1975-76: A Retrospective
Contents page title lettering.
On page 23, Smith talked about the making of Shelf Stuff (above) and said “… If 

you’re interested, although I designed the title lettering, it was Linda’s deft and
graceful hand that finished and fully realized the cover lettering. …”

The Studio
Jeffrey Jones, Michael Kaluta, Barry Windsor-Smith and Bernie Wrightson
Dragon’s Dream, 1979


Further Reading and Viewing
Barry Windsor-Smith Storyteller

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