Monday, September 7, 2020

Under Cover: Dragonworld

Bantam Books, 1979
Trade paperback
Title font set in ITC Tiffany Black; gold foil stamped
Map by Alex Jay
Calligraphy by Tom Orzechowski

Doubleday Book Club Edition, 1979
Hardcover dust jacket, detail

Bantam Books, 1983
Mass market paperback
I used ITC Novarese Bold for the
title which was printed in silver

German Edition
Marion von Schröder Verlag, 1985
Hardcover dust jacket, detail
Most map calligraphy replaced with type

ibooks, 2000
Trade paperback
Byron Preiss wanted the font used on the 1983 mass
market paperback edition so I told the in-house designer
the font name. The letterspacing is tighter on the mass
market paperback edition.

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