Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Creator: Larry Hama

On Tuesday last week, I attended a reception for “Larry Hama: Artist-in-Residence” and the reinstallation of “Marvels & Monsters” at the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University. I’ve known Larry since 1978 and designed a few logos for him: Bucky O’Hare, Conan Saga, Machine Man (Barry Smith), and Savage Tales.

Below are scans of the reception program, the “Larry Hama: Artist-in-Residence” brochure, and the “Marvels & Monsters” brochure poster. Please visit the Asian/Pacific/American Institute website and gallery, 41–51 East 11th Street, Manhattan.

(Next Monday: “Anatomy of a Logo: Marvel”. The logo was done for the 1991 Abrams book, and later it was applied to books, publications, software, toys, etc.)

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