Monday, February 25, 2013

Comics: 3-D Comics

2013 is the 60th anniversary of the first 3-D comic book, 
Three Dimension Comics starring Mighty Mouse, #1,
September 1953, published by St. John Publishing.

Three Dimension Comics starringMighty Mouse,
#2, November 1953

Three Stooges, #2, October 1953

Animal Fun 3-D, #1, 1953

The First Christmas, 1953

Katy Keene, 1953

Little Eva, #1, October 1953

3-D-ell featuring Rootie Kazootie, #1 1953

Writer’s Digest, August 1953

Ray Zone
Link 1 Link 2

Alter Ego #115
3-D Comics Issue

The Dynamite 3-D Poster Book
Art by Neal Adams

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