Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anatomy of a Logo: Marvel, Part 3

SEPTEMBER 13, 1991

David Vogler calls and says he wants me to work on the 1993 Marvel calendar cover. He faxes a layout with John Romita's sketch. On the fax it says

Alex—This should be in the same perspective as the characters!

The fax has a rough sketch of the Marvel logo, in perspective, behind the characters. Very quickly, I figure out the vanishing point and begin re-drawing the logo. I use the photocopier to adjust the height of the logo while keeping the width constant.

I cut a window out of the fax and position it over each logo, then I photocopy the composite. Next, I fax the three treatments to David. After reviewing the faxes, David decides not to alter the Marvel logo.

The 1993 calendar (see detail, below) is in stores around August 1992. The logo is used again on the 1994 calendar (see detail, bottom).

(Tomorrow, Part 4 of 4)

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