Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anatomy of a Logo: Marvel, Part 4

My Marvel logo was used for several years on many publications and products. A few samples are shown below. I don’t know who lettered the words “Super Heroes”.

I’m reminded of an anecdote told by Arnold Roth at a past MoCCA Festival. He was talking to a friend who said he saw Arnold’s illustrations in several periodicals that week. Arnold replied, “You know, my work is like horseshit. It’s everywhere.”

At some point my logo was scanned and digitally manipulated; the width of the logo was condensed to make the letters taller. This version, I believe, is the corporate logo of Marvel.

A few years ago I walked into Pageant Print Shop to look through its bins of prints, posters, maps and ephemera. I walked out with this fruit crate label (detail below).

(Next Monday: Samuel Welo’s Lettering: Modern and Foreign)