Friday, November 18, 2011

Anatomy of a Logo: Epic Illustrated, Part 5

For this logo I managed to integrate both words plus the issue date and price. I combined an uppercase "E" with lowercase letters; they're the same x-height. I chose not to dot the "i". Two mock-ups used a large logo while the third mock-up had an understated logo because of the art. Colored paper was used for the logos, with the other information painted in gouache. I was satisfied how the logo turned out.

Art by Mike Hinge

I think it was in mid-September when I delivered the logo designs to Jim Salicrup at Marvel. He disappeared with the material while I waited in the reception room. About ten minutes he reappeared and said, "Sorry."

Sometime later I heard or read that Archie Goodwin designed the logo. He was the editor of Epic Illustrated, so that's plausible. Maybe someone out there knows who did the logo. Years later I designed logos for Epic Comics.

(Next post on Monday: Klaus Nordling)


  1. Interesting that you lowered the vanishing point as the letters moved in. Happy Holidays Alex!

  2. Great idea of design cover. I'll try it.