Monday, January 14, 2013

Anatomy of a Logo: Millennium

Millennium was a ten-book science fiction series produced by the late Byron Preiss for publisher, Walker and Company. Listed below, in order of release from 1986 to 1989, are the titles, authors and artists.

The Legacy of Lehr by Katherine Kurtz; illustrated by Michael W. Kaluta

A Dark Traveling by Roger Zelazny; illustrated by Lebbeus Woods*

Chess with a Dragon by David Gerrold; illustrated by Daniel Torres

Project Pendulum by Robert Silverberg; illustrated by Moebius

The Forever City by Richard A. Lupoff; illustrated by Bob Eggleton

The Year of the Ransom by Poul Anderson; illustrated by Paul Rivoche

Joe Gosh by Tom De Haven; illustrated by Ralph Reese

A Place of Silver Silence by Ardath Mayhar; illustrated by Pat Ortega

Hong on the Range by William F. Wu; illustrated by Phil Hale and Darrel Anderson and Richard Berry

The Homecoming by Barry B. Longyear; illustrated by Alan Clark

Byron commissioned Lebbeus Woods to design a logo for the series. He submitted his design for Byron’s approval. I was called in to finish the logo art and design the series.

My preliminary work was made on tracing paper which had been placed over Lebbeus’s sketch.

The finished artwork was inked on LetraMax 200 paper. The font, Helvetica Light, was used for Millennium.

* also by Lebbeus Woods, The Sentinel

(Next post tomorrow: The Legacy of Lehr)

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