Monday, March 25, 2013

School Days: ASU Graphic Design Workshop

The Graphic Design Workshop, at Arizona State University, was organized by Tom Hall and Ray VarnBuhler. The photo (below) is of some of the students in the first two workshops. Front row, left to right: Dave Redding, Alex Jay, Jo Litton. Back row, left to right: David Morgan, Chip Kettering, Francisco Zuniga, Mary Bushard, Maryann Leake, Greg Pentowski, Gary Hill, and Tom Hall.

The program was featured in the design magazines Communication Arts, May-June 1977, and Print, November/December 1978.

 Clockwise, top left: Gary Hill; Mary Bushard;
Dave Morgan and Dave Redding; Mary Bushard

 Clockwise, top left: Maryann Leake; Chip
Kettering; Dave Redding; Leon Dunn

Top, left to right: Dona Nelson, Jean Wong, Juliana Packer (behind),
Christy Fankhuser, instructors Tom Hall and Ray VarnBuhler, Brian
Lovell, Dale Campbell, Sheryl Lieb and Tom Chung; bottom: Gary Hill

Top and bottom right: Peter Fasolinobottom left: Kathy Dickinson

Top: Marta Zensen; bottom: Sue Redding

Top: Maryann Leake; bottom: Chip Kettering

Scotteee Lesh

Top: Dave Morgan and Dave Redding; bottom: Mary Bushard and Gary Hill

Top: Scotteee Lesh; bottom: Peter Fasolino

Top: Chip Kettering; bottom: Dave Morgan

Liz Powell

Below are some workshop projects I produced.

Cleo Laine / John Dankworth

Northlight Gallery Calendar

Mailing Panel

Photo exhibition

Hayden’s Ferry, 1976

Homage to the Bag


  1. Alex, I knew there was an ASU connection lurking there somewhere: I was friends with Scott Lesh when I was a senior at Tempe High and he lived down the street from me in Saguaro Hall.
    I've been enjoying your blog, but continue to wonder, are you still working? All the posts are from work many years ago.

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  3. Alex, it was so nice to see your blog about the ASU Graphic Design Workshop. That was a very special time. I hope all is well with you.
    —David Morgan

    1. Hi David, good to hear from you. The ASU Graphic Design Workshop was a great stepping stone.

  4. Dan it! I'm getting old!... I haven't seen you since I drop you off to Phoenix Airport in 1980. Have you talk to Tom Chung lately.

    1. We did a Zoom call some time ago.

    2. Alex are you still living in NY? I'm going to be in New Jersey - June 16 for a wedding... I like to drop off a photo that I took of you in 1979. Like to see you and Tom before I kick the bucket. LoL