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Creator: Mike Hinge

August 9, 1931 – August 2003

Times Square Subway Station
Roy Lichtenstein Mural
November 23, 2002


Futuristic versions of Will Bradley’s idyllic cover.

Summer 1975
(untrimmed cover)

The Inland Printer
July 1894
Art by Will Bradley

October 4, 1971
(untrimmed cover)

November 5, 1973

Amazing Science Fiction
January 1973
(color photocopy)

Amazing Science Fiction
March 1973
(color photocopy)

Amazing Science Fiction
December 1974

Amazing Science Fiction
September 1975
More Amazing Science Fiction covers are here and here.

Spring 1980
(color photocopy)

Amazing Stories
September 1993
(color photocopy)

Witzend 6
April 1969
(Photostat artwork and printed cover)

Assignment in Tomorrow
Frederick Pohl, Editor
Lancer, 1972

A Choice of Gods
Clifford D. Simak
Putnam, 1971
(cover proof)

The Cosmic Eye
Mack Reynolds
Leisure Books, 1979

Masters of Everon
Gordon R. Dickson
Nelson Doubleday, 1980
(dust jacket detail)

Mission to the Stars
A.E. Van Vogt
A Berkley Medallion Book, 1971

Modern Science Fiction: Its Meaning and Its Future
Reginald Bretnor, Editor
Advent, 1979
(dust jacket detail)

The Secret of the Marauder Satellite
Ted White
A Berkley Book, 1978

Shaggy Planet
Ron Goulart
Lancer, 1973

Michael Bishop
Berkley/Putnam, 1979
(color photocopy)

The White Hart
Nancy Springer
Pocket Books, 1979
(dust jacket detail)


James Dean portrait
(undated; sold at auction)



Future Life
#17, March 1980




#28, November-December 1977
portrait of Richard Dreyfus in
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

(hand-colored photocopy)

The Mike Hinge Experience
Supergraphics, 1973
(selected images)


(detail; complete illustration here)







Cosanti Foundation




Heavy Metal
July 1979
“...Rears Its Ugly Green Head”
with Neal Adams

Heavy Metal
September 1982


Alphabet Thesaurus Vol. 3, A Treasury of Letter Design
Photo-Lettering Inc., 1971

(Type Directors Club 13)

Spring 1978
Preliminary cover design; the logo was developed
into an alphabet available from Photo-Lettering, Inc.

Art Direction
October 1981
Hinge Digital Readout

The Mars One Crew Manual
Ballantine Books, 1985
patch designs

Business Card


Hinge was a member of the group Onyx.

Design Quarterly
78/79, 1970
Among the numbers are his Social Security number,
telephone number, address and zip code.

Onyx Cube is a profusely illustrated blog on Hinge.
The Mike Hinge Reference is here.

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  1. A wonderful page that I stumbled upon by accident. I published ALGOL, which changed its name to STARSHIP. I still have a couple hundred overprints of the art from the cover of ALGOL #24. The cover and the overprints were done on 10 point Kromecote, a gloriously glossy paper. Hinge was a wonderful artist, but was always a real pain to work with: he was exacting, exasperating, found it hard to compromise. I also have several originals by him on my walls, including what is reproduced here as the cover for MEDIASCENE. This was actually the preliminary for two monumental paintings, one of Richard Dreyfuss, the other the alien spacecraft over the Devil's Tower. Both now hang in my bedroom. I have several preliminary color roughs which I see now became the cover for Nancy Springer's THE WHITE HART, plus another painting which is not here. Several of his b&w pieces were printed on colored paper and sold as posters, but none of my copies has survived, as they fell apart with age. He died intestate, leaving no will, and the state of Pennsylvania arranged a vast auction of his work via artist representative Jane Frank of "Worlds of Wonder" on-line gallery at PhilCon, a convention held after his death, where I acquired several of the pieces that hang in my apartment. I am posting the link to this page on various group pages; I am sure the interest in Mike's work remains high.

  2. As an old friend of Mike's, I'm delighted to see his inimitable work displayed and appreciated here. His unique creativity deserves to be remembered and celebrated.

    1. So nice to see my late uncles pictures here-am so proud of him-Rest In Peace Uncle Barry (Mike ) Fleur xx

  3. Nice post thank you Jessica