Monday, September 23, 2013

Anatomy of a Logo: Magik

On July 6, 1983, Louise Jones called and said she needed a logo in two days. She added that I could do whatever I want. I accepted and quickly produced a number of sketches and developed a half-dozen of them for presentation. The next day I met Louise at the Marvel office and she picked one. Back at my studio, I made a tight pencil drawing of the logo on tracing paper, Later I positioned the drawing on a light box, then placed a piece of LetraMax 2000 over it. The inked logo was delivered to Louise on July 8.

I don’t have the original art but I did make a same-size photostat of it (above). The letterforms are related to my Were Wolf logo for Neal Adams’ Monsters graphic novel.

Covers of the four-issue mini-series.

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  2. That first color one you have in the lineup (yellow with red dropshadow) is gorgeous! I love it. I wish they went with that.