Monday, October 25, 2021

Inspiration: The Reflection

Will Bradley, The Inland Printer, July 1894

Mike Hinge, Algol, Summer 1975


  1. I was startled to see the cover of ALGOL here. I'm the editor/publisher and designer of ALGOL (which later changed its name to STARSHIP). This issue was the first with a full color cover. Working with the artist, Mike Hinge, was a challenge. He was a stickler for details, even demanded that his copyright appear on the front cover, in the artwork! This was also the first issue with the covers printed on 10pt Kromecoate, so the image really bumped up.

    1. I forgot to mention that Hinge also did interior artwork, for the Le Guin piece. Also, all the type on the cover, and the headlines inside was done using LetraSet, which I still have dozens of sheets of, though I haven't used it in decades.

  2. Thanks for the additional information on Hinge and your production methods. Over the years, Hinge gave a number of items to me, including a proof of his Algol cover.