Monday, August 23, 2021

Comics: Comic Book Trademarks, Part 1

Images from various 1930s Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

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  1. A couple of asides to the postings.

    If you look carefully, the Action Comics logo trademarked is NOT exactly the same as the one that appeared on Action Comics #1. The word Comics is different (but not technically part of the trademark as Comics is a generic word and cannot be trademarked, but I digress).

    The word Comics DOES match exactly the design that appeared in the Action Comics ashcan.

    The policy of destroying trademark records by the Patent Office did not apply to trademark disputes, which were considered permanent records and are in the National Archives. So the trademark dispute by the owners of Famous Funnies and Feature Funnies exists in a FRC box in the cave storage attached to the National Archives regional facility in Kansas City. Some day I hope someone requests it to record what is in it. Maybe an unknown ashcan?

    In case anyone wanted to know why Feature Funnies became Feature Comics, I suspect its due to that Trademark dispute.

    my best
    -Ray Bottorff Jr