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Lettering: Joel Kaden, Photo-Lettering Inc. and ITC

Joel Kaden was born Joel Katzowitz on February 12, 1914, in Manhattan, New York, New York. The birth information is from the New York, New York Birth Index at Kaden’s birth surname was found on his World War II draft card. 

The 1915 New York state census said Kaden was the youngest of five siblings. Their parents were Isaac and Annie, both Russian emigrants. The family resided in Manhattan at 121–123 East 115th Street. Kaden’s father was a cloak presser. 

According to the 1920 United States Census, the Katzowitz family resided at 229 East 103rd Street in Manhattan. 

The family’s Manhattan address was 60 East 109th Street in the 1925 New York state census. 

In the 1930 census, the Katzowitz family of five made their home in the Bronx at 856 Whitlock Avenue. Sixteen-year-old Kaden was a sign painter apprentice. 

On February 9, 1937, Kaden and Cecille Silberman obtained a Brooklyn marriage license. They married on February 20, 1937.

The 1940 census recorded Kaden and his wife in the household of her parents. They lived in Brooklyn at 2249 East 21st Street. Kaden was a sign painter at a neon sign company. He earned $1,500 in 1939. 

On October 16, 1940, Kaden signed his World War II draft card. His employer was the Holroy Sign Co., 80 East Sunrise Highway, in Freeport, Long Island, New York. Kaden was described as five feet seven inches, 150 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. Kaden’s Social Security application said he changed his surname from Katzowitz to Kaden in December 1944. The name change was noted on his draft card. 

The 1950 census said Kaden, his wife and eight-year-old daughter, Andrea, were Brooklyn residents at 2276 29th Street. Kaden was a manager of amusements. 

Art Direction, January 1967, had a listing for Kaden: 
Lettering 75. alphabets, designed Joel Kaden Studio 524-8702 Statler Hilton New York, N.Y. 10001
Publishers Weekly, November 4, 1974, reported the release of new typefaces from the International Typeface Corporation. 
ITC Announces Two New Typefaces
Two new typefaces have been released by International Typeface Corp., Lubalin Graph and American Typewriter. Both are available for text and display composition. 

Created especially for Public Broadcasting Service by Herb Lubalin, Lubalin Graph is based on the original Avant Garde Gothic series. The new Egyptian version retains the large x-height, the ligatures and variance capitals of Avant Garde.

American Typewriter was designed by Joe Kaden and is available in three weights in regular and condensed styles. 

Kaden designed the light and medium weights

Creativity 4 (1975) included Kaden’s SpectraKrome logo for Photo-Lettering Inc. 

U&lc., March 1978

Kaden retired to Orlando, Florida where he passed away on July 12, 2003. He was laid to rest at Beth Israel Cemetery

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