Monday, July 16, 2012

Anatomy of a Logo: Forbidden Planet, Part 1

In 1982 at the Seagate office, Phil Seuling introduced me
to Mike Luckman, who asked for a new logo design.

 I used the font, Peter Max Riverside Drive, 
from the Photo-Lettering One Line Manual
of Styles for the word “Forbidden”.

Marker rendering of the logo

 Letterhead comp

A font from the LetraSet Plaza family

Alterations to the letters F, R, B, E L and N

Marker rendering of the logo

Letterhead comp

Art in India ink on 2-ply plate-finished bristol board;
4 1/16 by 9 1/8 inches / 10.3 by 23.2 centimeters.


Envelope and business cards

Village Voice ad, October 26, 1982

Village Voice ad, December 7, 14, and 21, 1982



A history of the Forbidden Planet stores is here.
(Tomorrow, Part 2)


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