Monday, December 2, 2013

Comics: Pretty in Ink

Pretty in Ink is the latest book by Trina Robbins and available from Fantagraphics Books. My connection to the book is in the acknowledgments which is missing in this first printing. Here’s what Trina wrote:
A heartfelt thank you to Kyle Ryan, Ellen Klages, Shaun Clancy, Jonathan Warm Day Coming, Patrick Ford, Bill McGrath, Christine Chambers; to Caryn Leschen who gave me my title, and Allan Holtz (and his great website,, for the priceless material that they provided, and to Alexa Dickman for her detective work that resulted in my finding Fran Hopper, and to Steve Leialoha for putting together the pieces. This would still be a book without them, but it would not be half as good a book.
A special thank you to Alex Jay for his information on Katherine Patterson Rice, and clearing up the Jean Mohr gender mystery; Jean Mohr, who was included in all my past books, is a man!
Future printings of Pretty in Ink will have the acknowledgements.

To celebrate the release of the book, here are links to my profiles of women cartoonists on Allan Holtz’s comic strip blog, Stripper’s Guide.

Mildred BurleighRuth CarrollBertha Corbett (see Comments), Emma Gordon (see Comments), Juanita HamelJeanne HarrisViolet Moore Higgins (see Comments), Glen KetchumFay KingMelisseTarpé Mills, Marjorie OrganKatharine P. RiceEleanor M. Schorer, and Sylvia Sneidman.

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