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Comics: Albert and Charlotte Jetter, Letterers and Artists


Albert S. Jetter
Birth: January 7, 1913, New York

Charlotte Haecker
Birth: November 20, 1914, Stuttgart, Germany
(According to the Social Security Applications and Claims Index, her parents were Christian Haecker and Lina Fritz)

1915 New York State Census
Name / Age
Christian Jetter, 27 (Carpenter)
Frances Jetter, 22
Albert Jetter, 2
436 Waverly Place, Queens, New York

The Daily Long Island Farmer
(Jamaica, New York)
October 25, 1919
page 1: How About Silk Sweater
Was It Extravagant for a Carpenter’s Wife? Question in Non-Support Case.
Alleging non-support, Mrs. Frances Jetter (Albert’s mother] caused the arraignment in the Jamaica Police Court yesterday of her husband, Christian, of 5097 Metropolitan avenue, Richmond Hill. Not being able to agree, the couple had been living apart for some time. Mrs. Jetter said she happened to be in the balcony of the Schubert Theatre recently when, glancing into the orchestra, she saw her husband there caressing a woman seated next to him. Jetter told the court the woman next to him was a perfect stranger and he denied caressing her. He also said that his wife’s extravagance was one of the reasons for their failure to agree, citing as an example one outlay of money for a silk sweater to wear when she played tennis at a time when their child needed underclothing.

“A poor carpenter’s wife should not be so extravagant,” declared Jetter. However, he was ordered to pay his wife $15 weekly, and he was put under bond for a year to live up to the court’s ruling.

1920 United States Census
5097 Metropolitan Avenue
Queens, New York
Name / Age
Albert Simmons, 58
Rose A Simmons, 51
Francis Jetter, 27 {Divorced after the census]
Albert S Jetter, 7 [Mother’s maiden name was Simmons which may have been Albert’s middle name.]

1924 New York Passenger List
Charlotte Haecker accompanied by her mother, Caroline
Departure: Hamburg, Germany, December 31, 1924
Arrival: New York City, January 12, 1925
Destination: Christian Haecker, 319 9th Avenue, Astoria, New York

1925 New York State Census
Name / Age
Christian Hacker [sic], 50
Lena Hacker [sic], 41
319 9th Avenue, Astoria, New York
Charlotte Haecker and 
Albert Jetter have not yet been found in this census.

1930 United States Census
Name / Age
Albert Simmons, 68 [Salesman/Textile]
Rose Simmons, 61
Albert S Jetter, 17
132-47 Metropolitan Avenue, Richmond Hill, Queens, New York

Christian Haecker, 55
Caroline Haecker, 46
Charlotte Haecker, 16
31-39 30th Street, Astoria, Queens, New York

Long Island Daily Press
(New York)
April 2, 1931
page 6: Richmond Hill Honor List Made Public
Students Who Averaged Above 80 Per Cent Are Cited
John C. Atwater, administrative assistant at Richmond Hill High School, 114th street and 91st avenue, released the honor scholarship roll of that institution yesterday afternoon. Mention is given of all students who received an average rating of at least 80 per cent in their studies during the first third of the term.

From the entire Main building registration of 3,000 students, only 114 obtained positions on the honor roll. Thirty-eight students were given the singular honor of being on the list composed for students who averaged a rating of 85 par cent in teitr major subjects. Members of the third term class made the best showing in this group with a representation of eleven.

The list includes:
Eighth term, about 85 per cent—Albert Jetter…

Date of Albert and Charlotte’s marriage is not known.

1940 United States Census
Name / Age
Albert Jetter, 27 (Commercial Artist/Advertising)
Charlotte Jetter, 25 (Commercial Artist/Department Store; Naturalized)
Both completed four years of high school.
48-26 187th Street
Flushing, Queens, New York

New York, New York Guard Service Card
Albert S Jetter
Enlistment Date: November 25, 1946
Enlistment Place: Flushing, New York
Unit: Troop E 51st Cavalry

Fawcett Companion: The Best of FCA, Fawcett Collectors of America
Paul Hamerlinck
TwoMorrows Publishing, 2001
page 105: Bill Harper: Did you letter Tom Mix stories?
Bob Laughlin: No, it was done by Charlotte Jetter, wife of Fawcett Editor Al Jetter. Al taught his wife lettering. I modeled my lettering after theirs. I think Charlotte was the best letterer at Fawcett.

Who’s Who of American Comic Books 1928–1999
Al Jetter
Charlotte Jetter

Grand Comics Database
Al Jetter
Albert Jetter
Charlotte Jetter

The New York Times
January 12, 1947
H.V. Kaltenborn, radio commentator, sold a three-acre tract fronting on Peconic Bay and the ocean at Strong Neck, Setauket, to Albert S. Jetter, commercial artist, who plans to build a summer home for his own occupancy.

U.S. Public Records Index
Charlotte Jetter
8 Bridge Road, Setauket, New York, 11733-3022

Master Comics #114
April 1950
“The Jungle Mine Disaster!” page of original art

Charlotte and Al Jetter, July 11, 1952
party for Fawcett editor Will Lieberson
Alter Ego #107, February 2012 

John L. Lacey
Al Jetter Art Associate

The Caroline Kennedy First Lady Dress-up Book
Alene Dalton
Illustrated by Charlotte Jetter
Rolton House Publishers, 1963

Photograph of Charlotte Jetter

The Rudder
Al Jetter, Art Editor

Mechanix Illustrated
Albert S. Jetter, Art Associate

The Gunhawks
#7, October 1973
Charlotte Jetter, lettering

The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
#3, August 1974
Charlotte Jetter, lettering

The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu

#6, November 1974
Charlotte Jetter, lettering

The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu

#9, February 1975
Charlotte Jetter, lettering

Country Scene Digest
James K. Kuse
Ideals Publications 1979
Build your own greenhouse by Albert S. Jetter

Charlotte Jetter
Death: September 2, 1990, New York

Albert Jetter
Death: March 5, 1997, New York

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